Henk in the corn photo

Henk’s fascination with wood began with long shavings curling off his father’s wood plane. His grandfather had a woodworking shop and his great grandfather crafted “klompen” wooden shoes) or the ultimate in “green” foot wear as we would say today. Spending the first nine years of his life in Holland put the European “stamp” on him. Both his parents went through the war with its lean times. Henk learned from them the well known wisdom of waste not want not. As a result Henk has a “healthy” collection of cut offs in his shop.

Henk has been a builder all his life. Carpentry runs in the family and can be followed back many generations, including a great grandfather that made wooden shoes. Henk’s love of carpentry and building were instilled in him by his father who also taught him to use a drafting table to work out project designs. He immigrated from the Netherlands to the Cowichan Valley with his parents in 1964.

Henk has been exposed to the wonderful world of photography all his life from an early age. His parents took photos. There were photograph albums in the house. Pouring over the albums of old photos instilled in him a strong sense of continuity and family life, spanning generations. His father filled an entire album in the late 1940’s while serving with the Dutch military in Indonesia. His mom had snap shot albums of family life in and around their farm and grocery store in Aalten, Holland, dating back to the 1930’s.

Drawing and painting is one of the hobbies Henk has enjoyed since his childhood. Through out his school years he was always involved with “art”, starting in Holland where he learned to draw as a youngster, nurturing this ability that often is inherited. His father’s sister “Gerda” was a wonderfully gifted artist whose watercolors can be seen by visiting
Gerda's web pages.

For those interested in viewing images printed and framed you are welcome to drop by the farm for a cup tea and a chat. Maybe incorporate the outing with a walk to the famous Kinsol trestle, which is a leisurely half hour stroll from the farm along the Trans Canada Trail.

house and rainbow
children painting furniture

Kinsol Valley Farm

the farm chickens

grandchildren painting furniture