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Welcome to this web page. I am a journeyman carpenter with experience in design. Over the past 35 years I have worked with different contractors in the Cowichan Valley. I have been involved with commercial and residential new construction as well as renovations. I enjoy being involved with a project from conception to completion. I have a good knowledge of building and am able to assist clients with design, planning and the actual building. I am able to produce conceptual drawings and plans necessary for building permits or required engineering. I have a good relationship with suppliers, sub trades, structural engineers and local building and planning authorities.

I have developed my appreciation for architecture and building in a variety of places: smooth worn teak floorboards of a Thai stilt house, the practical design and decor of old Swiss farm dwellings or modern structures with their clean lines. These are an inspiration for me. I have a well-rounded view of architecture, design, building practices and peopleís needs.

The homes and buildings that we create for ourselves tell a bit about who we are. But more importantly these buildings have an effect on how we live. A peacefull sunny place to sit, a smooth transition from the car to the kitchen with our groceries, a window with a pleasant view, are examples of details in a home that make a difference that are appreciated. Even a simple woodshed deserves some thoughtful attention that leads to a design that is pleasant to the eye, easily accessible as well as keeping the wood dry.

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There are many things to consider when building or altering an existing home or other structure. Starting with our needs, where does the sun come up, what is our budget and things in between. Every building or renovation is an opportunity to improve or influence how we live, operate our business and interact with our community.

Recently Iíve started building more furniture, creating functional and enjoyable pieces. My inspiration and style is as diverse as my love for nature to sharing a meal in a Turkish farm house. Furniture has to be usable and functional. Once that is established, we can add color, style and decor.

I enjoy working together with people, pooling together resources and expertise. It is my experience in life that having an open and inquisitive mind with good communication skills leads to successful and satisfied clients and building projects.

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