beach and lake photo

At an early age Henk learned the family tradition of recording images with a camera. Seeing the world through the lens of a camera inspires him to create images ranging from little insects and moss spores to wide mountain vistas. His images range from abstract, natural patterns and family intimacy.

Henk’s cameras range from his first plastic 150 mm and a Kodak brownie to an Olympus 35 mm, which was used for many years. Eventually Henk purchased a Mamiya RB67 that was replaced by a Sony DSCR1, a digital camera.

Cameras are tools for us to capture an image to show someone else. What we aim our camera at where we focus our attention, how we allow the light to play, and how we process the image gives us a tremendous opportunity to say something to those who view the finished photo. It allows us to share our view of the world around us with others. To see how Henk views the world around him you can find his images on the photo sharing site called Flickr

If you enjoy any of Henk’s images in particular and would like to have some, they are for sale, and in this day and age they can be printed in many ways and sizes on different media.

Please respect ownership of images on line, Henk is very approachable about utilizing his images for different projects sometimes a small fee or some recognition is all that’s required. Arrangements can be made to have them printed, mounted or framed.

Henk has a good selection of work framed on display, including ten enlargements 24” by 30” from the Mamiya RB67 medium format camera. The scanning and printing were done by Chris at Peacock Photography.

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